Zoook A300 Universal 3 in 1 to HDMI Adapter Cable

Zoook a300 Universal 3 in 1 cable is a life-saver of the Indian gaming community because, in the
era of streaming, everybody is keen on high-end MHL smartphones.
In fact, the Non-MHL budget smartphones can also be used for streaming and mirroring with the
help of this Zoook Universal 3 in 1 cable.
So without a delay let’s look upon a method with a combination of certain hardware through
which we can get the best video output.
Zoook Universal 3 in 1 to HDMI Adapter Cable
The Universal 3 in 1 adapter looks like a flash drive with two cables.
USB charging cable to power up the Zoook a300 (0.8 meter of length)
Main 3 in 1 cable (2 meter of length)
The Zoook universal adapter cable is compatible with Android 5.0 & iOS 8.0 & above devices.
The parent port is a micro USB along with a Type-C and an Apple Lightning port adapter on
either side of it like a trident of Aquaman.

Power Up the Zoook A300
Well, there are two methods to power up the device.
By connecting the 0.8m USB cable directly to the power brick(up to 5V1A, 10w) which is a
mobile charger.
Connecting the same cable to usb port of PC or Laptop
Note: Don’t use Fast/Dash/Warp chargers, it may damage the device, 5V1A is the limit.


Zoook A300 for Android
The first step is to insert the Zoook adapter directly into the monitor to check the maximum
output quality which is 1080p at 60fps.

Secondly, feed external power source by connecting the short cable to power brick or USB port of
PC or Laptop.
After that, you can see a Firmware Homescreen on the monitor.
Technically we can call this a ‘MiraPlug’ adapter as per the firmware and scan the QR code at the
center, it will redirect you to the website.
There you can download its app ‘EZcast’ from the Google PlayStore or Apple Store as per the
mobile device.

Important Developer Options
Enable ‘USB Debugging’ from developer options on your device. Install the EZcast app and allow
all the permissions required by the app and enable display over other apps.
Now connect the large cable to the smartphone with the appropriate adapter. Allow the
debugging access (pops up when connected for the first time).
After 10-15 seconds a pop-up comes and select start to mirror the screen and audio will be taken
only with compatible smartphones.
If you have a 3.5mm audio jack then use an AUX cable to route the audio for better output.
If there is no 3.5mm jack then you have to try tethering mode.
How to stream using Capture Card
Don’t worry, we got this covered…
This Zoook a300 universal 3in1 adapter is compatible with all the capture cards, including the
cheapest HDMI cards, Elgato, and AVerMedia.
Attach the Zoook with the capture card and insert it into your computer or laptop.
Open the OBS or any streaming & recording software then add the capture card for streaming,
there you can see the same firmware home screen.
The further procedure is up to you like what scenes to add, what sources to add.

Zoook A300 – USB tethering mode
Open the EZcast app and click on the ‘W’ symbol on the top right corner of the interface and click
on ‘USB tethering mode’ after that enable the USB tethering.
After this, it redirects to another page where you can see the ‘MiraPlug-(id number)’, click on it,
and wait for a few seconds until it shows connected.
That’s it, the audio will also be transferred along with the display.

This is the only way to stream BGMI, PUBG, COD from a NON-MHL smartphone using any
Capture Card.
Note – if you are facing any issues while connecting the Miraplug(Zoook) then restart your
smartphone and try again.

Zoook A300 for iPhone & iPad
This universal adapter can also be used with iPhones to mirror the screen but, we always
recommend a ‘Digital AV adapter’ for clean HDMI output.
Connect the USB cable to the power source using 5V1A charger or any USB port of laptop,
Connect the HDMI end to the TV, Monitor, Projector, Capture Card and can see the same
firmware home screen.
Insert the lightning cable end to your iPhone/iPad, after that iOS no need to install the
EZcast app, just you have to click on the ‘Trust’ from the popup.

Wait for 10 seconds for the output and Most importantly, find out which iPhone is compatible
with the capture card and 3in1 Universal adapter.